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Rolling out the red carpet at BEERX 2017

BeerX 2016After the success in 2016, the continuing addition of our K-series dual cask/keg washers into the marketplace and an increase in enquiries for other equipment Cask Force made the decision in 2015 to develop a new standalone keg washer/filler.

This led to the creation of the KEG-2000 machine which went on trial at a Redwell Brewery in Norwich in 2016. Since then we have seen great interest in the machine and distributed several around the UK.

Cask Force’s design engineer, Keith Trenton, said “We are getting a growing number of requests from breweries for keg equipment and the sales of our dual keg and cask machines are steadily increasing, as a result of this we felt we had to do something to offer an option for breweries focussing on kegging so we developed the KEG2000 series."

There are currently two models of the machine the KEG2000 which is a washer/filler and the KEG2000W which is a twin head washer. The KEG2000 will clean and fill 28 30 litre kegs or 20 50 litre kegs an hour. The KEG2000W will wash up to 48 kegs an hour.

For the first time ever this year we will be exhibiting all 3 ranges of our caskwasher products at SIBA Beer X 2017 in Sheffield on our very own red carpet. We will be on stands 46 & 52 on the 16th and 17th March with machines from the standard range, the ‘K’ range and the KEG-2000 range.

However, if you can’t wait that long or require more information on these machines or the complete Cask Force range please call Keith Trenton on 0800 157 7198, or email We look forward to seeing you there!

Cask Force Installation at Bradfield Brewery

Situated on the edge of the Peak District in the picturesque hillside village of High Bradfield, Bradfield Brewery was started by Richard Gill and his Father, John, after years of enthusiastic home brewing.

The brewery based on a working dairy farm has grown from a start-up 10 barrell plant to the current 40 barrell plant, which Richard suggests is rapidly taking over the farm! With the well published plight of the British diary industry, due to aggressive supermarket pressure on milk prices, this farm diversification story appears to be a resounding success, especially considering the growth of the UK craft beer market.

The brewery has some fantastic USPs such as using its own borehole water and the setting in the Peak District is the perfect backdrop to a successful small brewery.

When asked why he went for two 400 series machines Richard said, “I wanted to future proof the brewery but at the same time I didn’t want to commit to an expensive automated fixed system and wanted the benefits of two machines with regard to:
Performance, the combined capacity of the two machines will keep up with our needs.
Reliability, if one machine does go down I’ll have the other.
Flexibility, if for any reason our expansion plans didn’t work out we could sell one or on the other hand hopefully moving to bigger premises the cask washers will easily move with us.
Available room, compared to some other machines the Cask Force seemed a compact streamlined machine that would fit nicely into our existing washroom adjacent to our racking area”

Richard showed me the old washer and explained “Before the installation of the two steam heated 400 series Cask Force machines the brewery was using a very labour intensive three stage system with nozzles on each and the operator transferring the casks from one stage to the next, a total of four movements per cask. This has now been reduced to two, on the Cask Force and off the Cask Force. This means a significant labour saving which I can focus our existing labour on other growing laborious tasks such as bottling and deliveries. The 50% reduction in water usage will also contribute significantly to resource efficiency.”

Please visit the Bradfield Brewery site at

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