Standard Series Caskwasher

Simple to operate cask cleaner - saves you time and money!

Companies who make an investment in the cask washer see dramatic savings in manual labour and the time taken to thoroughly clean returned casks making the investment very cost effective.

  • Saves time - The automated cask washing process can clean up to 68 casks per hour.
  • Saves effort - Casks are cleaned automatically without need of any additional lifting.
  • Saves water - Recycled water from the process is cleverly reused minimising usage costs and the environmental impact.
  • Reduces problems - Eradicates the expensive issue of contaminated casks potentially spoiling batches of ale.
  • Reduces 'bottlenecks' - quickly restores supply of clean casks into circulation.

Returned casks are placed on the bed of the Commando Cask Force cask washer, slotting the cask washer's rotary spray heads through the shive holes of the cask. The spray balls deliver a high impact deluge to the inside of the casks making use of the post-wash rinse water from the preceding cycle (Rinse 2) and loosening any deposits.   The cask undergoes a powerful high temperature chemical wash which can be programmed from 15˚c up to the maximum of 80˚c. Any impurities are quickly destroyed minimising any opportunity for contamination within the cask.   The cleaned casks are finished by rinsing with fresh water. This water is saved and then forms the first rinse of the next process - halving the overall water usage and reducing the impact on the environment.   If steam is available then a final steam sterilisation can be added to the program. The cleansed casks are then unloaded and the Commando Cask Force cask washer is ready for the next batch of casks.

K-Series: Dual Purpose Keg & Cask Washers

  • Raise the bed
  • Connect the flexi-hoses to the kegs and place them on the bed.
  • Select Keg Washing function on the control panel
  • Press Start
  • From this point onwards the cleaning process is automatic.
  • An initial air purge will remove any remaining dregs from the keg
  • The automated cycle works until the ‘Cycle Complete’ light turns green.
  • The kegs are then dismounted and the flexible hoses detached.
  • The cleaning process is now ready to start again.
  • The cycle time is approximately 5 minutes.

KEG2000 range: Automatic Keg Washing & Filling Systems

The KEG2000 range is Commando Cask Force’s first development in the solely keg processing market, it retains all the best features of the current Cask Force models and applies them to the intricacies of keg design.

The KEG2000 will wash and fill up to 28x30L kegs or 20x50L kegs an hour.

Key Features / Benefits

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clear & Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Fully Automated Control Program
  • Keg Guides with Self-clamping and Sealing Capability
  • Automatic Chemical Dosing
  • Digital Temperature Control with Heat Hold Function
  • Hot Caustic & Acid Washes
  • CO2 Purge & Pressurisation
  • Self CIP.
  • Easily Accessible Componentsfor Maintenance
  • Small Footprint
  • Fully Manoeuvrable

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